People leave you, Allah doesn’t

During your time in this world, you should know that, People may not empathise with you, the way you did with them. People may not understand you like you understood them.

People are not always willing to go the extra mile.

The compassion and care that you seek from people may not always be sought.

It may hurt too much see life taking turns like these, where you grew up expecting the ones closest to you, to stand by you throughout your life, but coming to terms with the fact that your expectations will not always be met is just the bitter truth.

But be asssured and know that Allah has a reason for everything that happens, know that for all those times that people break your heart and wreck you apart, you have a Lord who will put back those pieces, you have Al Wadood (The Most Loving) fixing all those broken parts and filling them with the light that was always missing.

For every person that leaves you, every person that makes you hate the world even more, remind yourself that you have Allah who will aid you through this journey and He will hold your hand and guide your way. ❤

1 thought on “People leave you, Allah doesn’t”

  1. This is a powerful reminder that I knew/know very well. But today, it touched my heart in a different way. Thanks for sharing.

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