Patience O My Soul, For Beautiful Things Await.

When every hardship that comes your way seems like the worse you could face,

Despite all the reassurance of finding the light at the end of the tunnel isn’t calming your heart,

When all you wanna do is give up, scream out and just want everything to stop,

When you yearn to go back to those days of innocence because of all that ease you had, the oblivion you lived in, the careless attitude you possessed. Just the fact that things were not so complicated as they now seem to be.

When you just want solitude as your best friend yet want people to understand and calm the storm within you.

When you see no way out of everything that’s going on and you just feel like giving up, PUT YOUR TRUST in HIM,

For He undoubtedly does not ever burden a soul beyond it can bear,

For He never fails to send ease along with hardship He sent your way,

For He tests you because He loves you,

For all these daily battles you face, He wants to mend you and repair you.


He knows of the struggles you go through, He knows of the pain you hide, He knows everything from the time you grace your lips with a smile to the times you wipe the tears off your eyes.

He knows of all the silent battles that the world is clueless about. He knows it!

And do you think that all that you’re going through, all that you’re facing is just something that will yield nothing, that you’re not going to get anything for all that you beared patiently?

Undoubtedly the dunya will end and your problems are temporary, but for all those hardships that you beared patiently, your reward awaits. Not only will you experience the fruits of your struggle in this world but you’d also be given your reward in the hereafter, InShaAllah ❤


So until then, patience O! My Soul, for beautiful things await.

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