Know your books: “Incoherence of the Philosophers” by Imām Ghazāli


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About the Webinar

Can the Muslims as a faith based community make a significant mark on the rationality index? What if we tell you they did make it in the past and we can learn from them?

In the modern world where on the one hand the foundation stone of reason has been set in doubt and scepticism and on the other hand dogmatic ideologies are mistaken for rationality, it becomes increasingly challenging for faith communities to respond to critiques hurled at them from both fronts.

With this background we bring to you a seminar visiting a time when Muslims not just faced very similar challenges coming from Greek logic and philosophy but competent Muslim scholars shook the very foundation of logic and pointed out the faults in the philosophy built on it.

We believe that if we pay close attention to their response we could learn a great deal about meeting the intellectual demands of our time and make Muslim critical thought relevant again. Join us in this first of the Winter Seminars organised by Imaancentral Academy.


1. Muslims with questions like:

  • Is Islam true?
  • Is science above religion?
  • Is Islam against reason?
  • How can reason and revelation go together?
  • Why religion can’t prove existence of God?
  • Did the scholars of the past face something like we face?
  • Is the Quran and sunnah really superior to our intellect or not?

2. Muslims who are having a crisis of faith after coming across someone or something that intellectually challenged their Islam.

3. Muslims who want solve real world problems by getting a strong theoretical base.

4. Muslims who want to understand this world and especially their faith better by developing their intellectual tools.

5. Muslims working in various Muslim organisations.

6. Muslims working in da’wah.

7. Muslims interested in having a better and more useful interfaith dialogue.

Theme: “Know Your Books”

Texts: “Incoherence of the Philosophers” by Imām Ghazāli; “Refutation of the Logicians” by Imām Ibn Taymiyya. (Both have implications on modern thought rooted in scientific logic).

When: Date: 21st November 2020

Where: Online (Zoom)

Time: 7:30 PM-9:30 PM (IST)

Duration: 2 hours (approximately)

Contribution: ₹250/-

(Note taking highly advised for efficient learning).

How to Register

Please make an online payment of 250/- on the following link and the Fill the google form to register yourself for the Seminar.

Contact Us:

For Queries, drop a message to us on WhatsApp: 7503724669 or email us at [email protected]

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