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Does the Sharia even take care of us?

A friend of mine once discussed with me about her professor calling out Islam as an oppressive religion to women. Of course she defended...

‘They waited for them to pray!’

The learning of Islam without becoming sectarian in some way or form is difficult today. Anyone who starts 'behaving' religiously or claims to be...

Hadith with a Sanad is never like a Hadith without it!

An average muslim today goes through 12 years of schooling and then is required to graduate for a living. What's important is that most...

The Right Attitude

A Muslim widow left the town with her two daughters, after her husband's death, in desperation to find security and livelihood. She reached a...

Experiencing Life!

Once upon a time there were three men from the children of Israel who were visited by an angel. The first one was a...

knowing thyself!

Have we really forgotten ourselves? If your answer is yes then start this journey of knowing thyself! A thought provoking article by Arsh Islam.

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