What to do during Lockdown? The Golden Days of Free Islamic Resources in Covid-19

“I’m going to sleep to wake up and go back to sleep again” my sister said yesterday and we all laughed at her statement. A sound thought and turned out she wasn’t wrong this time. Most of us are actually spending time either moving around social media (walking from Instagram to Facebook to Twitter, peeking in whatsapp for some moments) or just sleeping and eating. This aimless routine has in fact made most of frustrated, and rightly so because anyone who has nothing substantial to do will feel frustrated if they were to be trapped in their houses. There are two ways to look at the lockdown either we keep resenting and waste time or see this time as a blessing by Allah and turn it into a productive period so that when we come out of it we’re no longer what we used to be. Of course this won’t be a negative transformation but when you’ll expose yourself to knowledge that shall enrich your soul, take you to light, rid you of qualities that hold you back from reaching your potential and help you become a better person you’ll not only end up changing yourself but the world too in a positive way. You may end up becoming more kind, just, grounded and humble and above all God fearing. It may happen that your ego is put to sleep, intellect bolstered and ranks elevated in the sight of God.

Allah reward the individuals and organisations that have made their content free so that you make most of your time and gain a better understanding of the God you worship and understanding of Islam in general. The resources are open for both Muslims and Non-Muslims to benefit from.

  1. Rayyan Institute – They have made all of their courses free for a limited time. All you have to do is visit the website and create an account. The courses vary from explanation of some surahs of the Quran, Hadith, Islamic belief, history and spirituality. Access here  Update– The free courses have been discontinued. Now you can pay a fee and enroll in the courses. Alternatively another resource has been added at the end of the list to compensate this one.
  2. Seekers Guidance– Seekers Guidance has always been an excellent free resource. I have enrolled and completed several courses from the institute in past. They’re highly informative and taught in a traditional manner by scholars deep rooted in knowledge. The courses range from Islamic Spirituality, Poetry, Quranic and Hadith Studies, along with many courses dealing with contemporary issues like Adoption, Nurturing Children, Islamic Law, Politics, Concept of Social Justice, Financial Issues, Arabic and the Biography of the Prophet ﷺ. Access here
  3. Cambridge Muslim College – While majority of the courses from CMC are paid, you may benefit by paying a fee but a few courses that are free and I highly recommend are the Paradigms of Leadership that is being taught by Shaykh Abdul Hakim Murad. The course revolves around discussion of how leadership works in Islam. Another free course is Ramadan Moments. Access here
  4. Darul Qasim’s Youtube Channel- Darul Qasim is offering four courses through their Youtube channel. Began from 26 March, the classes take place on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays at 8-9PM CST. The courses being offered are- Al Risala Al Qushariyya: A selected Study of one of Islam’s earliest Treatises on Spirituality, Izz Al Dinn Abd Al Salam’s Fawaid Al-Balwa Wa Al Mihan: Treatise on the benefits of trials and tribulations, The Islamic Foundations of the Ottoman empire, Imam Al Tirmidhi’s Al Shamail Al Muhammadiyya. Access here
  5. Al Maghrib Institute– Follow the Tafsir of Surah Al An’am and the Commentary on the Book of Remembrance by Al Nawawi, Fiqh of Purification & Prayer- Hanbali Fiqh being taught by Shaykh Hasib Noor through their Facebook and Instagram live. Access here
  6. Podcasts and Reading Material at MuslimMatters Access here
  7. Additional Resources from the spreadsheet created by Sara on Twitter (@damuskus_)- Access here
  8. Project Maruf has also complied a list of Free Online Classes and Live Islamic Lecture Live streams- Access here
  9. Zaytuna College- The Zaytuna College is hosting a three part series on “The 17 Benefits of Tribulation” based on Shaykh al Sulami’s text on April 5, 12 and 19, 1pm PST. Access here

Allah does not improve the condition of a people until they improve themselves. Consider studying Islamic Knowledge out of need or desire, but a Muslim cannot live their life as prescribed by Allah and His messenger ﷺ without knowing what is it that they preach. For a Non-Muslim this may be an opportunity to know more about Islam and probably clear the doubts and misconceptions that are fed through popular media.

While the material may overwhelm a suggestion is to enroll in at least one of the courses. Even if you study little make sure you excel in it.

For example, currently I’m enrolled in the Women’s essential- Fiqh of Menstruation from Rayyan Institute, Social Justice in the Islamic Tradition from Seekers Guidance and Paradigm of Leadership from CMC. I strive to do at least one lecture from each of the three courses every day. You would notice they’re from a variety of fields. This is an example of how you can mix-match courses or just enroll in one but be persistent in it.

Allah accept and reward all of us, make the time of Sabr productive and ease this hardship of Covid-19 from the world soon. Ameen.

While you have time, Discover the Timeless”- Anthony Moo Young

More reading material available at https://imaancentral.org/

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