Terrorism is bad; should be dealt with an iron hand,
The rhetoric sounded like some divine reprimand.
And soon after,
In the premises of those gold-ornate halls,
The king of the empire sought to confront the brawl
And hence the macabre plot was laid down,
‘War on Terror’– he screeched, with a fanciful frown.

Somebody had to sacrifice,
In order to address this global vice.
Without much thought, they chose ‘human life’
Human life! It was the cheapest, one could bear the price.

Well, the 1st show began:
In the mountains of Afghanistan,
Men, women and children- the whole populace
Bathed in blood; dished up to the Angel of Death,
In the ‘Made in USA’ chalice!

Lo and Behold! It was quite heady,
The music of the screams,
The hum of the ballistic missiles,
The poetry of the daisy-cutters,
The feast must be continued,
The king of the empire is high on human blood.

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