Islamic Productivity Tips : To-do Lists!

On one hand I think that making a list of things to do gives me a better perspective on the availability of time and the need to complete my targets for the day; But on the other hand it is also a source of guilt when I see that I do not always go along with it. So many things remain undone… putting burden on my heart and making me want to completely do away with this ritual of making to-do lists altogether. Except that there are some extremely important benefits that I get from this daily habit:

1- It activates an inner alarm system which starts ringing the moment I get off the track and start wasting time… (I spoil this benefit when I turn off the alarm instead of getting back on track)

2- It lets me get through at least 50% of the things which is a lot more than I would do without this self motivation and accountability.

3- It helps me to check for loopholes and distractions which make me forgetful.

4- It is a great tool for self assessment and constantly wants me to improve the use of my time.

5- It also transforms my wishes into intentions because when I specifically assign a certain time slot to an activity, then it shows that I mean to do it.

But the reason why I chose this topic today is not to tell you the benefits of making to-do lists… in fact this morning when I opened the diary to write my day’s plan, I came upon this little motivational message that I wrote to myself on top of one of these to-do lists that I made several days ago… and I thought I should share it:

I divided the page into two columns and on top of each gave a bold heading “DREAM” and “REALITY”. Underneath the “DREAM” came all the things I wanted to complete that day and on the other side I thought I would write all that I actually did. 

And on top of all of that I wrote this question I often ask myself: why don’t I use my time the way I write it? And then I wrote the answer:

Who can stop you from making this dream a reality except your own desires…?

Who can help you to fight your desires except Allah?

But you have to decide… whether you want to win or not?

So decide and make dua and strive with excellence…

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