Today the most talked about section in the outside world is Muslim Women. How according to many they are repressed and oppressed and me being a women obviously completely and in all respect reject this opinion. We have been given such a status in Islam that A man came to the Prophet and said,

‘O Messenger of Allah! Who among the people is the most worthy of my good companionship? The Prophet (s.a.w.) said your mother.  The man said, ‘Then who?’ Prophet Mohammad (s.a.w) replied ‘Then your mother’. The man further asked ‘Then who?’ The Prophet said ‘Then your mother. The man asked again, ‘Then who?’ Prophet Mohammad (s.a.w) then said, “Then your father”. (BUKHARI, MUSLIM)

SubhanAllah  this could be an eye opener for those who think the women in the muslim society are having a tough time. What makes a person think that? The society? The people they are living with? But what makes muslim women unlike other women is their faith in Allah, their high status in Islam, the freedom for them to pursue what they want in accordance with the Quran. Many have the view that why do we have rules to be followed but one does not realize that when we are doing something which according to them is liberal we are following a said notion or idea, that is also a rule book for us. So why not do it the right way, where you can have an identity different from the other sections of the society. The unique and authentic sources of Islam have always spoken of the rights of women and recognized them as full partners in human ventures of history.

A mother, a daughter, a wife, a sister and what not.  Its is said that a women is the first school for her children. If she is able to bring them upright, then the nation will emerge prosperous and contented. When we already have a presented, well preserved book The Quran and the authentic books of Hadith to enhance our knowledge regarding anything and everything then why do we rebel and not take the easy way and have made our lives a mess.  It is for the ladies of the Islamic sector to realize their worth. Women in Islam are encouraged to be educated, not just about  the household work but even the world in which they live, the society. She is in need of education, correction and guidance in forming her distinct Islamic personality.

Imam Az Zuhri said “If the knowledge of Aaishah (r.a) were to be gathered up and compared the knowledge to all other wives of the Prophet (s.a.w) and other women Aaishah’s  knowledge would be greater”.

Her knowledge and deep understanding  were not restricted only to matters of religion she was equally distinguished in poetry, literature, history and medicine and other branches of knowledge that were known at that time.

Wherever muslim women are found she becomes a positive source of correction, guidance and education through both her words and her deeds. Quran and Sunnah have succeeded in making the personality of the women who is sincere towards Allah (swt) into a brilliant example of the decent, chaste, polite, God-fearing, refined suitable women. When it comes to Islamic duties the muslim women is just like a man, she has a mission in life, and so she is required to be as effective , active and social as her particular circumstances and capabilities allow, mixing with other women as much as she can and dealing with them in accordance with the worthy Islamic attitudes and behavior that distinguish her from other women.

The last thing that should be presented to your knowledge and understanding is that both men and women in Islam have the same religious responsibilities and that both genders will receive like rewards on the day of judgement. And as the famous saying goes “behind every man there’s a woman” or “The one who rocks the cradle with her right hand rocks the world with the left” are all true.

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