An Open Letter to “I”SIS

Published on : , By : Theresa Corbin

First thing’s first, pick a name (may I suggest neo-Kharijite?). Seriously. But leave Islam out of it. Because, between you and me and the rest of the world, we kinda all know you have no idea what Islam is. It is so obvious. We’ve all seen the pics of you attempting to pray and getting it all wrong. You don’t even know the basics.

ISIS praying wrong

Every scholar known to the modern world has thoroughly refuted you (find some here). And those logical hoops-set on fire like in the circus-you jump through to get the answers you were looking for — they burnt to singes a long, long time ago.

Secondly, in case you haven’t heard, you are fuelling the Islamophobia industry. That’s right, the hideous things you do in the name of Islam without the consent of Islam, are giving these wretched people a reason to exist and make lots of money making people hate Muslims world-wide.

So thanks, but no thanks, for dividing people, for holding the world hostage, and for making the lives of the 99.99999999999999% of Muslims miserable.

extremist hadith

The Islamophobes seem to think that if it is extreme, it must be Islam. Something I am sure you are familiar with. But really, can you just think about proving them wrong, and learn what Islam really is? Please refer to the link here if you choose to accept this challenge.

Penultimately, and this is directed at the youth who find “I”SIS appealing: Get A Grip. I know you feel rejected and like you have no place because it kinda sucks to be a Muslim right now (mostly because of what “I”SIS is doing). I understand. I am right there with you. It does suck.

But joining the group that is making it suck-y to be a Muslim is kinda counter-intuitive. It’s like joining the gang that is harassing your family. I know you are still dealing with puberty and that sucks too, but think about using your angst-y energy to do something that will actually help people like joining or starting dawah projects locally, helping the homeless, or getting involved in interfaith bridge building in your city, or maybe just read a book.

But in the meantime, know that it isn’t always going to be like this for you. Why ruin your life just cause you feel rejected and awkward and pissed about the mess the West has made in the rest of the world? It really isn’t going to help if you join forces with the devil.

My friend Omar Hammami took that path. You may know him as Abu Mansoor Al-Amriki. He joined al-Shabab in Somalia for all the same reasons you are thinking about joining “I”SIS. Guess what? It didn’t turn out so great for him. He realized, too late, that they had nothing to do with Islam, and everything to do with political greed and corruption. And when he spoke out against them, they murdered him.

Take a hard look at his story because. If you continue down this path, his fate is your fate.

Lastly, and back to you, “I”SIS, I know that I cannot understand the social, economic, and political situations that you have had to deal in the Levent. I can understand that the situation in your region has been extreme to say the least. And I do understand that the West has totally made that happen.

What you need to know is that hardship is not an excuse to do evil. InshaAllah, Allah, is not gonna be like: So, you murdered, raped, and oppressed countless of my honored creation just because they didn’t believe in some things you believe in. Oh, but you had a rough life? Ok, that’s ok then.

I can’t put words in Allah’s mouth, but I am thinking that is not gonna happen.

Some guidance from the one you claim to worship.
Some guidance from the one you claim to worship.

No one suffered more that the Prophets (may God’s peace and blessings be upon them), and they were the most merciful and soft-hearted human beings. They sought peace and built communities. They didn’t associate with people like you. Think about it, if you can. If your Islam is making your heart hard, if it is making you a compassion-less person who seeks out division, you are doing it wrong. Very wrong. I leave you with this cartoon that pretty much sums things up.

convert of die

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