Do you feel disconnected to Allah? Watch this! A beautiful explanation of Surah Duha by Sheikh Tawfique as a Powerful Anti-Depressant from Allah.

Do you feel down? Do you feel depressed..? Do you feel the connection to your Lord is getting broken?  Do you think you du’as are not getting answered?

Sheikh Tawfique gives a beautiful explanation of Surah Duha and explains how this small Surah from Quran is the best Anti-Depressant one can find. 

He explains the situation when the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) was feeling sad and thought Allah was angry with as he did not receive any revelation for a long time and Allah revealed this beautiful Surah.  As we all know everything that happened with the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him was only so that we get to know how to deal with life.  So we should always try and find solutions to our problems by looking into the life of the Prophet (peace be upon him) and how Allah taught him to deal with a certain problem. He spent his lifetime for the his entire ummah and we should be atleast concerned enough to look into his life for our problems so that we follow the path of Allah which he showed us.

Watch the video and see the powerful Anti-Depressant Allah gave you and use it next time you feel disconnected or a suggest a friend who might be suffering with it right now.

May Allah make of those who seek His guidance in every matter.


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